EDY SUTHERLAND, an extreme sports junkie, uses her lifestyle as the backstory to acquaint you with God's work to rescue, redeem, and restore all creation to a right relationship with Him. Through object lesson from outdoor adventure sports, Edy shares how to know God so intimately that your soul will joyfully sing "Wheee!"

Edy lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband and two children. She leads small group Bible studies, mentors women one-on-one in their discipleship journeys, manages the Living in Extreme Ways Ministry, and writes several weekly blogs.

Edy's blogs are where she develops the new lessons God is presenting to her as she journeys with God in everyday life. Visit her author site

As opportunities present themselves, she will continue to peddle, drop-in, sail, climb, swing, and sing "wheee" in the name of and for the glory of Christ.

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